Debunking Weather Event Alarmism – Climate Realism by Paul Burgess (2022)

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In this brief educational presentation you will learn how all the major narratives used by the media and political establishment to promote the idea of man-made global warming are, in fact, false, and not based on any science at all. Through all these wild and exaggerated claims, climate alarmists are able to present emotive narratives to liberal audiences in order …

How Ukraine Russia War Propaganda Is Making It Hard For All Of Us To See Through The Fog Of War

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There is no doubt that Ukraine Russia war propaganda is all over the media right now. From Ukraine’s Ghost Of Kyiv to the porported mental health issues of Russia’s Putin, it’s hard to know the truth from the lies. In this video Dan covers three likely propoganda filled stories and talks about how important it is right now to get …

SJWs! Your Marxist Revolution Is Over

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Karl Marx’s Conflict theory proclaims that society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to the competition for limited resources. And that the glue holding that social order together is domination and power, rather than by consensus and conformity. Those with wealth and power hold on to that power by suppressing the poor and powerless. This theory fuels the …

Bill Gate’s Vaccine Propaganda Control

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As the covid-19 vaccine rollout spreads across the planet, some countries are banning companies tied in with the billionaire class invested in the cash cow that covid-19 is. In order to manipulate the bans and vital vaccine injury information, Technocrat Bill Gates is “fact checking” these stories. Controlling the narrative in the name of globalist self interest.