Blood Before and After the mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Shot

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MIrrored from Brighteon channel The Prisoner at:- This video shows images of people’s blood before and after they receive the COVID mRNA “Vaccine” shot. These are 100% vetted and authentic. Please forward to 1.19 min for this report. Mirrored Westall Support Sarah Westalll by supporting her affiliates. Get Immunity super boosting C60 gel caps, Tetrogen fat fighting, and more at

Predictive Programming: Amazon TV Series Had Scientists Create Sterilization Bio-weapon Hidden In Vaccine

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A scene from the Amazon produced UTOPIA 2020 series based on the graphic novel. Watch this report showing how close truth is to reality. UTOPIA 2013: Eugenicist Channel Georgia Guidestones For Depopulation A scene from the 2013 UK version of UTOPIA based on the graphic novel. Watch this report based on the depopulation threshold. (video linked below) The Georgia Guidestones …

Dr Mike Yeadon former Pfizer Chief Scientist Speaks About Dangers of Largely Untested Vaccines

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The video above has been censored many times on Youtube, but below is a far more resilient mirror. Dr. Mike Yeadon speaking about the lack of safety as it concerns current vaccine rollouts. Mega Archive UPDATE Want to share this story? Here is a short URL: Additionally you could use the following QR to link to this page: