How Israel “Cucked” the United States

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Viideo by: @GDFofficial
  1. Espionage and technology theft: Some sources claim that Israel conducts aggressive espionage against the US, stealing technology and using it to its advantage. This could be seen as Israel exploiting US technological advancements for its own gain.
  2. Financial and political support: The US provides Israel with billions of dollars in aid, diplomatic backing at the United Nations, and other forms of support. Some might argue that this support is disproportionate and not in the best interest of the US, especially when considering the US’s own domestic and international challenges.
  3. Influence on US foreign policy: Some sources suggest that Israel has manipulated the US into wars and influenced its foreign policy decisions, often to serve its own interests. This could be seen as Israel exploiting the US’s military and diplomatic resources for its own gain.
  4. Lack of accountability: Despite the allegations of espionage, theft of technology, and other actions that could be seen as harmful to the US, Israel often faces little to no consequences, thanks to its strong political and diplomatic influence. This lack of accountability could be seen as Israel “cucking” the US.