PayPal Is Dying. Good Riddance.

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video by @LogicallyAnswered

Customers are currently angry with PayPal for several reasons, leading to a decline in its use. One major issue is the prevalence of scams and fraudulent activities on the platform. Despite efforts to enhance security, many users still fall victim to various scams, such as account breaches, overpayment scams, and fake charity schemes. These scams often leave customers without their money or products, causing significant frustration and distrust​ (​.

Another reason for dissatisfaction is PayPal’s fee structure. High transaction fees, especially for international transfers and currency conversions, have driven customers to seek cheaper alternatives. Additionally, the company has been criticized for holding funds for extended periods, which can severely impact small businesses that rely on quick access to their earnings.

From a business perspective, PayPal has also faced challenges. The company has lost major partnerships, such as with Amazon, which has hurt its market share. Furthermore, competition from other payment platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and various fintech startups has intensified, leading to a decline in user engagement and transaction volumes​ (InvestorPlace)​.

Overall, the combination of security concerns, high fees, and increased competition has contributed to the decline in PayPal’s popularity and the growing dissatisfaction among its users.