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Monthly Archives: October, 2022

The Dead Hand or Russia’s Perimeter System

https://youtu.be/pkhAlGoXgKQ Let’s go back, shall we? We'll go way back. Into the Cold War. Where the United States and the Soviet Union had the whole...

Everything is Fine…


What Liberals Are Seeing This Morning!

https://twitter.com/i/status/1585961047982153728 Archive Mirror

The Matrix Tried To Warn You

https://youtu.be/wzJyCFhE5-I This video explores the message of The Matrix on modernity and post modernism through Neo's struggle in the film called The Matrix. Neo (Keanu...

So much hypocrisy in 30 seconds 🤣


Neil Oliver – ‘…something bad’s coming & it might be coming for you’

https://youtu.be/KTZ6-BJXF_E ‘….when the sovereignty & the sanctity of any individual is sacrificed there is something wrong’

Trump Always Cared


Pfizer, blanked out pages

https://youtu.be/HnSnQor8zDY This is how they were disclosed to us, (MEP Cristian Terhes) Over 100 blacked out pages https://www.eppo.europa.eu/en Full hearing of Pfizer's representative before the...

I Went To The White House. What I Saw Was NOT America

https://youtu.be/N4kln9ME2v4 I returned to Washington D.C. for the first time since moving to Florida. What I saw just BLOCKS from the White House left me...

Good Point… are they legs or arms? 🐻


Congressman’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Dies From Heart Arrhythmia – Viva Clips

https://youtu.be/Ubl9eaE6JNE Illinois Rep. Sean Casten revealed the cause of death of his daughter Gwen, who died in June 2022 at the age of 17. Casten's family...

The Joker Tried To Warn You

https://youtu.be/NiwROYqJ1E8 This video explores the message of The Joker on modernity and post modernism through Joker's struggle in the film called The Joker. The Joker...


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