Trump is suing big tech: Facebook, Twitter, & Google calling for end to ‘un-American’ cancel culture

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President Donald Trump announced he is suing Facebook, Twitter, Google, and their CEOs today as he called for an end to “un-American” cancel culture. The president announced class-action lawsuits against tech bosses Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai in a press briefing on Wednesday in which he accused them of destroying our country.

533 Million Facebook Users Had Private Information Leaked Today, Zuckerberg Knew In January And Did Nothing

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The big tech platform has been silent about the breach since January, and remains silent after the information was leaked today. Today Facebook was shaken by the revelation that the personal information of more than 500 million users was leaked to the public. Buried in the reports is the fact that Facebook knew about this leak as early as January …