I AM A CUCK by Tim Heidecker

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Just a cuck compilation video set to Grammy winning pop sensation Tim Heidecker’s I AM A CUCK. No need to get triggered libtard bros. We all cry sometimes, especially when we’re not winning. SUBSCRIBE:    / l33tguy   WEB: https://anons.ca TWITTER: /L33tguy

“I am a Cuck”

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“I am a cuck” lyrics: I hate not being gayI hate being whiteand I hate being male. I blog on tumblerbut they do not give a shitcoz I am not oppressedBut I really like to be. Yesterday I criedJust to show you thatI have a feminine sideI can understandwhy you are so confusedThat I like abuse. Allow me to explain …

As the World Caves In

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As the World Caves In Lyrics [Verse 1]My feet are achingAnd your back is pretty tiredAnd we’ve drunk a couple bottles, babeAnd set our grief asideThe papers say it’s doomsdayThe button has been pressedWe’re gonna nuke each other up, boys‘Til old Satan stands impressed [Pre-Chorus]And here it is, our final night aliveAnd as the earth burns to the ground[Chorus]Oh, girl, …