Fauci Funded HORRIFIC and Gruesome Scientific Experiments on Aborted Fetuses Rumble — This is beyond horrific. Via grants from the NIAID, Dr. Fauci helped fund experiments in which scientists cut out the scalps from the heads...

Body-Cam Footage Of Andrew Brown Jr. Released

It seems that unless you are a conservative the DOJ and the FBI will not do their job. What is happening to Federal Law...

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Joe Biden REFUSES to Answer Questions About An Important Campaign Promise Fox News' Peter Doocy asks Joe Biden about the $2,000 COVID relief checks he'd promised on the campaign trail. Check out Dinesh D'Souza on Rumble.

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Biden Supporter Meltdown Compilation over Biden’s Horrible First Month & Broken Campaign Promises Biden voters are quickly realizing that Joe Biden was never going to keep his campaign promises. This is their reaction. #Biden​ #Meltdown​ #Compilation Check out...

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