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Monthly Archives: June, 2021

Joe Rogan made bold statement about Biden’s ability to lead during his podcast

https://youtu.be/yJ3eMxznemo National Review Institute fellow Victor Davis Hanson reacts to Joe Rogan's comments on 'The Story'.

Tucker to the NSA: You didn’t answer the question

https://youtu.be/mXGZczfbNrY 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host rips Biden White House for 'ignoring' the story that he had private emails read by NSA

Jim Jordan Lays Out DAMNING Evidence Against Dr. Fauci for Covering Up Covid’s Origins

https://youtu.be/2b6kqxXEYnY House Republicans held a hearing today to understand where covid came from. Anthony Fauci refused to take part in the hearing.

Celebrities Spell Out ‘We’re All In This Together’ With Their Yachts

https://youtu.be/_IxsNsbM3Nk This very famous person wants to inspire the nation with a simple message and a bunch of yachts. Will it work? As long as...

biden nukes america


Man Describes Criminal But Can’t Use Offensive Language – BETTER COPS #1 The Police Sketch

https://youtu.be/beZ5w0wCGyM The first episode of Better Cops, a man who has just been robbed tries to describe his assailant to a police sketch artist. But...

Protestors Peacefully Burn Down Man’s Business

https://youtu.be/XEX_jD_qhuI Unlock a door to a dimension where riots are peaceful and silence is violence. This... is The Woke Zone.

Red, white, & blue.

Red, white, & blue. pic.twitter.com/wNffVLzUjg— Jon Voight (@jonvoight) June 22, 2021

What Is “The 2030 Spike?”

Was COVID-19's spike protein used to control the spike in population? Brian Wilson analyzes statements about controlling human populations in the future, manmade biological...

Blood Before and After the mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Shot

MIrrored from Brighteon channel The Prisoner at:-https://www.brighteon.com/7c8bef27-8797-49ae-8ee2-c5be56a15cc4 This video shows images of people's blood before and after they receive the COVID mRNA "Vaccine" shot. These...

Fascist Denmark blocks access to BitChute over ‘coronavirus misinformation’ (telling the truth) and this is just the start

See the UK’s fascist ‘Online Safety’ bill to be imposed by fascist ‘regulator’ (state censor) Ofcom Danish citizens are reporting that Denmark’s National Police Cyber...


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