Karl Marx’s Conflict theory proclaims that society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to the competition for limited resources. And that the glue holding that social order together is domination and power, rather than by consensus and conformity. Those with wealth and power hold on to that power by suppressing the poor and powerless.

This theory fuels the Marxist revolution that has inundated itself in every facet of our lives.Given a free pass on violating the social norms of race, gender, crime, and just about anything the movement deems necessary in order to dominate the average American’s life.

Why would they attempt to dominate the once independent lives of the middle class? Because the theory is flawed. Those with wealth and power still continue to dominate the poor and powerless. They are just using hordes of mindless social justice warriors to get their control across. Useful idiots doing the bidding of their masters against a free people dominated by our own media. Our own government. And our own institutions of learning.

But we are gradually learning the final lesson. The real revolution is obvious. Populism will inevitably rise against the foul stench of hypocrisy in one form or another.