Telegram Channels to Join if Parler Goes Down

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Update: As well all know Parler went down harder than a hooker working 42nd street. There are some reports that it will be coming back. Though my guess is that it will be a mere shadow of its former self (at least initially due to the need to replace hardware infrastructure and replace vendors).

Because of these issues my impression is that Parler will not quite regain the popularity it once had. It would be far better to stick to platforms which rely on hardware independent frameworks (or rely on Blockchain technology), such as Gab, Telegram, Minds, Flote, PocketNet, etc (I’ll do a full post on alternatives at a later date). Yes, Parler will be back, but it will need a lot of work to get back to what it was once.

Image Mirror. In case Telegram post disappears.

Image Mirror. In case Telegram post disappears.

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