The new Democrat Party is waging a modern day Communist Revolution in the United States

EXCLUSIVE: Fox Reporter Told to Hide Life Saving Covid-19 Treatments

Alex Jones talks to Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker who was suspended following her on-air announcement Monday that she intended to blow the whistle...

Sex Slavery Survivor Tells Horrifying Story Of Escaping Communist China

Owen is joined by Yeonmi Park, a survivor who escaped from the Oppressive regimes of North Korea and China.

Biden Caught Using Flashcards for Putin Summit and Press Conference

Former Vice President Joe Biden was caught on the world stage using flash cards as he met with Russia's president Vladimir Putin.

Biden And Kamala: The First Anti Vaxxers

Watch these treasonous hypocrites denounce, question and call for transparency for the COIVD-19 vaccine. Now that they have been installed it's shut up and...

HIGHLIGHTS – Monday Tik Tok Cringe

Short on time, but still want to stay informed? The War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with the...

BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW: Investigative Journalist Exposes FBI Involvement in Capitol Riot

Darren Beattie of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down his story exposing the FBI's involvment in organizing the Jan 6th DC Capitol riot....

Wells Fargo Closes Lauren Witzke’s Bank Account For Political Views

Wells Fargo Closes Lauren Witzke’s Bank Account For Political Views. Wells Fargo has shut down the bank account of America First activist Lauren Witzke, leaving...

How Magnetogenetics Can Be Used To Control Behavior

An in depth look at Magnetogenetics, Ferritin, the underpinning science and physiological and behavioral control by external EMF.

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