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Monthly Archives: August, 2021

Mother of Marine Killed in Kabul Airport Attack Has Heartbreaking Message For Joe Biden

https://youtu.be/Vo__ee_-O0c A heartbreaking message from the mother of U.S. Marine, Marine Rylee McCollum, who died during an attack on Kabul Airport. He was expecting his...

Tucker: This may be the last chance to save California

https://youtu.be/D-U5AOyq9Kk 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host discusses Larry Elder's gubernatorial run amid the upcoming recall election on September 14th

It’s a Woke World After All

https://youtu.be/jZChpvvLhmI “Tomorrow will be better as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life.” WALT DISNEY Politizoid Youtube Channel Mega Archive

Covid Rant Goes METAL! [San Diego Board of Supervisors Meeting Remix]

Matt Baker's most brutal meltdown ever at San Diego County Board of Supervisors, over COVID-19 measures. Heavy Metal Remix.

VIDEO: Bill Maher Snaps on Leftist for Demanding Covid Booster

Alex Jones breaks down the clip of Bill Maher calling out a brainwashed leftist pushing mandated COVID booster shots.

Locked Down Under! Aussies Warn America: You’re Next!

Your News Media remains silent about Australia’s full tyranny because it’s coming to your country next

Archive Footage of Julian Assange in 2011 Exposes the Secrets of America’s 20-Year Afghan War

Alex Jones breaks down the resurfaced clip of Julian Assange exposing criminal operation behind the Afghanistan War in 2011.

Breaking: Lt. Col. Shaffer Breaks Down What Really Happened in Afghanistan

With his extensive background in the military and in U.S. intelligence, Lt. Col Tony Shaffer reacts to the chaos in Afghanistan and President Biden's...

America Demands Trump Step Up and Protect American Children from Deadly Covid VAXX

Alex Jones takes a caller who challenges Trump to step up and save the children from mandatory booster COVID injections twice a year.

Tucker: ABC news appears to edit portions that made Biden look ‘unpresidential’

https://youtu.be/zfaHS8Q9lic 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host warns the moment the US government stops serving citizens is the moment it becomes illegitimate.

Patriot GOES OFF On San Diego School Board Over Mask Mandate

Matt Baker delivers one of the best speeches ever at a school board meeting discussing mandating masks for students.

Man Who Regrets COVID Vax Posts Somber Video From Hospital

A shocking video is made from the hospital bed of a man that is experiencing side effects after taking the experimental COVID vaccine.


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