PayPal Is Dying. Good Riddance.

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Customers are currently angry with PayPal for several reasons, leading to a decline in its use. One major issue is the prevalence of scams and fraudulent activities on the platform. Despite efforts to enhance security, many users still fall victim to various scams, such as account breaches, overpayment scams, and fake charity schemes. These scams often leave customers without their …

CIA Releases Document: The Universe could be an Energy Hologram

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Analysis The “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process” report, authored by Wayne M. McDonnell for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command, delves into the Gateway Experience, a technique that combines transcendental meditation, hypnosis, and biofeedback with quantum physics, neurophysiology, and philosophy to alter human consciousness. The primary objectives of the Gateway Experience are to enable individuals to access altered …

I AM A CUCK by Tim Heidecker

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Just a cuck compilation video set to Grammy winning pop sensation Tim Heidecker’s I AM A CUCK. No need to get triggered libtard bros. We all cry sometimes, especially when we’re not winning. SUBSCRIBE:    / l33tguy   WEB: TWITTER: /L33tguy

“I am a Cuck”

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“I am a cuck” lyrics: I hate not being gayI hate being whiteand I hate being male. I blog on tumblerbut they do not give a shitcoz I am not oppressedBut I really like to be. Yesterday I criedJust to show you thatI have a feminine sideI can understandwhy you are so confusedThat I like abuse. Allow me to explain …

The New Woke Order

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A “Documentary” The cultural end game has arrived. And just when we’re at our darkest moment, the nerds have banded together in resistance and created The Iron Age of entertainment. Will you join us? This is a documentary about the fall of fandom and nerd culture. Disney, Star Wars, Marvel… all gone. But, what caused it? @NERDWARS More from NERDWARS