The New Woke Order

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A “Documentary”

The cultural end game has arrived. And just when we’re at our darkest moment, the nerds have banded together in resistance and created The Iron Age of entertainment. Will you join us?

This is a documentary about the fall of fandom and nerd culture. Disney, Star Wars, Marvel… all gone. But, what caused it?


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  • There is growing dissatisfaction with the woke direction that major entertainment companies like Disney and Marvel have been taking. Films and shows are seen as promoting ideologies over good storytelling.
  • Films and shows from these companies that have embraced wokeness, like the new Star Wars films and She-Hulk, have been financial and critical failures. This is starting to seriously impact their bottom line.
  • Independent creators on YouTube and elsewhere have been gaining popularity by providing alternative commentary and content not bound by these companies’ politicized agendas. Fan support for them has grown markedly.
  • There is a sense that a creative renaissance is happening as more people decide to independently produce their own films, comics, games, etc. without relying on major studios. New technologies enable this.
  • Major streaming platforms and payment processors are seen as having too much control and promoting the same woke agendas. Alternative platforms are emerging to give creators more independence.
  • Overall, it’s viewed as a critical time where independent creators and their fans can counter the influence of establishment Hollywood by voting with their wallets and cultivating new audiences outside traditional channels. A culture war of sorts is perceived to be underway.

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