The Tyranny Is Just Beginning

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Joe Biden’s rambling misspoken speech at the United Nations was as transparent as it was a veiled message to the International order. Ignoring his hand in the murder of 13 U.S. Soldiers and an aid worker’s family and the impending doom of replacement migration. While betraying our oldest ally France and simultaneously praising the CCP and the Taliban. Biden’s poorly coded message predicted more pandemics to control the population and signaled that the global Carbon tax system is imminent. Agenda 2030 tyranny on steroids.

The climate change rhetoric will accelerate piggybacking on the Covid lockdowns as climate change hysteria will saturate the remainder of the Biden Administration occupation. The normalization of contact tracing via COVID-19 apps and the expansion of the IRS and its reach into bank accounts will ensure the implementation of a similar carbon credit tracking system. It will be known as a PCA , personal carbon allowances.

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