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Monthly Archives: August, 2021

Will Gun Control Make Us Any Safer?

https://youtu.be/PIXUBRkvwGc On this episode of Common Sense Soapbox, Bob, Seamus, and Rob civilly discuss gun control as they fend off a savage horde of mutant...

Hi Liberal…


The Cosmic Hoax

The latest documentary by Dr. Steven Greer Share this film widely for FREE if it is in its entirety and is not commercialized or monetized....

Audio Recording: DC Patriot Prisoners – Jan 6th Protest!

Jan 6th prisoners have been denied bail/imprisoned for more than six months, held in solitary confinement, even though they are charged only with misdemeanor...

Leftist Owned. Top 10 Leftist vs. Logic

https://youtu.be/27Q93KRnOXo Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Don Lemon and MORE!

Dear Transwomen: ENOUGH.

https://youtu.be/0nii0BBpDss Men aren't women. They never have been, and they never will be. This isn't "bigotry," it's simple biology. "Transwomen" have bulldozed their way into...


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