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Monthly Archives: August, 2021

The Secret Covenant – Performed by Jason Hill

https://youtu.be/pXLYYQSEQ9Y Applies more now than ever! The Secret Covenant is an anonymous document recently ‘discovered’ that spread rapidly around the internet. Prior to the internet, such secret...


https://www.bitchute.com/video/McXEos4KQxib/ Mike Lindells, movie called Your Wake Up Call played at the Cyber Symposium. Share across all globalist controlled platforms. Do not keep them on safe...

Why you should not do random acts of kindness, with Stephen Fry.

In a time of the doom and gloom news cycle we all need something positive to share. Would have shared the YT link but they...

Doctor Educates School Board On Covid Vaccines & Masks, Slams CDC, NIH

https://www.bitchute.com/video/NXt1WNTyPiJK/ Dr. Dan Stock of McCordsville, Indiana recently appeared at a Mount Vernon school board meeting to educate members on the science behind Covid-19, vaccines...

Wild Scene As Performance Artists Protest Vaccine Passports In France

Mega Archive https://youtu.be/qOUdeLMFFL0

The Delta Surge May Collapse Faster Than You Think | A Doctor Explains

https://youtu.be/YdRZJKG7rhw Guess what: pandemic dynamics are complex. Let's stop reducing them to mask mandates and indoor dining, OK?

Tucker reveals the names of every Republican who voted yes on infrastructure

https://youtu.be/T9-jWR1N_5M 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host says lawmakers don't think constituents are paying attention. Bonus Video: https://youtu.be/s01ZL5TnBNY

They Want to Arrest and Jail All Unvaccinated Adults!

https://youtu.be/TBRLUGMeBL4 In a shocking experiment, random beachgoers in San Diego, California are asked if they’ll sign a petition supporting the arrest and detention of all...

The Deep Rig!

Mega Archive Ask the questions that censorship-happy mainstream media doesn't want you to ask. Reveal the truth that Twitter sacrificed millions of accounts to hide....

Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy White House Covid Lies

Alex Jones breaks down Tucker Carlson's latest report exposing Ben Wakana, the deputy director of strategic communications and engagement for the White House unit,...

Medical Whistleblower Reveals Hospitals Are Filled By Vaccine Injured

"Mary", a whistleblower from the medical field, joins Dr. Jane Ruby to discuss what Mary sees happening in hospitals as those experiencing the worst...


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