The fake genius to help lead humanity into the abyss.

Elon Musk’s family owned an emerald mine. As a teen he would trade emeralds for cash in NYC. His own father has stated they had so much money it didn’t fit in their safe. He stated he had student loans, when he received a full scholarship to UPENN.

Dropped out of Stanford to start zip2 with investment from his parents and other investors – his coding was complete garbage so they had to bring in pros to fix Zip2.  Which was then sold to Compaq for roughly 300M (then shutdown with zero profit). Elon made a cool 22M from the deal, then bought a McLaren then totalled it with zero insurance on it.

He went on to create (which went belly up). He claims to have founded paypal, which originally went by the name Confinity. Confinity acquired X in a merger around 2000.  He then was pushed out by the board of Confity, and as a part of his resignation agreement stated that the names of the original founders would be stripped from those websites, allowing him to take credit for Paypal.

Peter Tiel then sells paypal to ebay for 1.5B musks gets around 180M, which he invests on Tesla, SpaceX, and Solarcity(this one failed). He claims to have founded Tesla which is completely untrue (originally founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning (whom created the original roadster).

When the founders of Tesla were seeking venture capital they approached Musk (then lying about being PayPal’s cofounder), and Musk only joined after they agreed to make him chairman. He then got upset he was not getting full credit for Tesla (confirmed via corporate emails), Musk then forces Eberhard out of Tesla in order to become the CEO, then literally rewrites the internal company history to have himself as an original co-founder. Eberhard was promised the first roadster and Musk literally shot that car into space.

The hero worship with Musk amazes me. The one thing that he should be credited for is that he is power hungry and completely dishonest. But the truth is the truth and no matter how much you dip crap in gold, in the end, the core is still crap.