In a political environment disfigured beyond recognition by bitterness, fear, and retribution, the unfortunate reality is that a positive vision for the near future appears impossible to actualize for all but the few dreamers left among us. But it is also true that politics abhors a vacuum. Thus, in the absence of a willingness by Donald Trump’s enemies to move beyond the bitter divisions they helped thrust upon the nation in recent years, we are reduced to a withering vision — the politics of leverage. Actually, that’s a polite term. And it pertains not only to Democrats but also in almost equal measure to the GOP.

Donald trump

Donald Trump

In fact, what Trump holds over the Republican Party right now is beyond leverage. It is de facto veto power — not the kind he once wielded over the government but over his party. Or call it blackmail if you will.

Before the fog of history descends and is rewritten by the revisionists who will inevitably pen Trump into the same sentence as Hitler and Stalin, purging his many triumphs, recall the Republican primary of 2016. The crème de la crème of the GOP was all in. Every venerated establishment stalwart and rising star — from Jeb Bush to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio to Scott Walker, John Kasich to Chris Christie — threw his hat into a ring that swelled to 17 candidates.

Trump wiped them all out. And then did the same to Hillary Clinton.

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