Biden’s Executive Orders Are An Obama-Era Rehash

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Joe Biden has begun his rollback of the last four years with a swath of executive orders, directives, and memoranda. That he chose to sign them on inauguration day appears little to do with a sense of urgency, but rather a symbolic gesture to please his supporters. From pulling money from wall-building projects to reinstating DACA, each order seems a knee-jerk reaction to the Trump era.

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Choosing not to listen to former President Barack Obama’s 2016 advice to Donald Trump regarding the heavy-handed use of executive orders, Biden has signed a swath on his first day in office. While campaigning for the presidency, then-candidate Biden assured the nation that he could work well with all elements of Congress to achieve his legislative agenda – as suggested by Obama. That he has chosen the executive option in what is being described as a “virtue-signaling power play” may leave him open to serious questions about this initial claim.

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