Pelosi’s Pick For Transportation Chair Can’t Drive 🟠⚪🟣 NPC Shorts

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Multiple fender bender offender Eleanor Holmes Norton, the octogenarian Nancy Pelosi has chosen for Transportation Committee Chairwoman, may need to head over to the DMV to get her eyes checked out; she repeatedly rammed into a parked car while trying to pull her own vehicle straight into an angled space.

Members from Rep. Thomas Massie’s office caught the whole disaster on video and shared it on Twitter where it was reposted by “Rising serpent”: “This is Eleanor Holmes Norton, Pelosi’s pick for transportation committee chairman. She repeatedly rams into a parked car and walks away as if nothing happened, not even bothering to leave a note. Her parking is a perfect metaphor for Biden’s presidency, the dented car is all of us.”

Source: PatriotsTribune

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