False Flags

It is ironic that governments around the world are cracking down against so-called “fake news” when some of them have explicitly created fake narratives for decades in the form of false flags. Simply put, a false flag is a dramatic and usually traumatic action, usually taken by a government or intelligence agency that is then blamed on some other person or group. In the world of false flags, there is a King, and that King is named the United States of America. But false flags are perpetrated by other nations, too, it turns out mostly by U.S. allies. Richard Dolan brings sense to the subject of false flags, explaining why they are such an important component to our world today, discusses some of the most important ones of recent years, and provides guidelines on how to spot them when they occur.

The following video originally aired in October of 2017, and considering how 2019-2021 have turned out it is essential we all take heed of this information.

The original can be watched here: gaia.com


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