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Monthly Archives: July, 2021

GOP State Rep Who Fled Communism WRECKS Dem Rep Who Mocked Him

https://youtu.be/JUwlWdgW-pQ This is incredible. Communism is a significantly bigger threat than white nationalism. GOP Rep Quang Nguyen put Daniel Hernandez in his place.


Patriots who stand against the Great Reset being targeted for genocide

LOL: Based BLACK Woman’s EPIC RANT After Trans Person Undresses in Spa

https://youtu.be/2fG-g0B7rgw A woman calls out a spa’s transgender changing room policy when a man enters the women’s changing area and flashes the women inside, including...

Death To America “We Will Take All Weapons”

A leopard never changes its spots. Lt. General Honoré once led the gun confiscation effort in New Orleans following Katrina. He is now leading...

Does Graphene Oxide Explain Why People Are Experiencing Post Vaccine Magnetization?

Dr. Jane Ruby covers ‘Graphene Oxide’, a nanoparticle that may explain the strange post vaccine magnetization that has gone viral. Related Article: https://www.infowars.com/posts/mind-control-scientists-engineer-magneto-protein-capable-of-remotely-controlling-brain-behavior/


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