The Truth about Thugs with Badges – Six Cops Thought All Bodycams Were OFF! Here’s What Was Recorded

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Police abuse of power is an incomprehensibly MASSIVE problem. Authoritarian, power-tripping order-followers are the conduit through which insurmountable amounts of evil enter the world. You’ve probably experience, first-hand, the powerlessness of being at the mercy of a badged psychopath. We MUST stand together. If you see someone pulled over, or you see an interaction with cops, record, record, record.

Those who’ve grabbed the “ring of power” must be held accountable if we’re gonna make a change. We don’t have a race problem like MSM wants you to believe. We have an authoritarian problem. And THAT is the problem they lay cover for with their 24/7 propaganda! I’ll be doing a live show soon where you can call in with your own police interaction experiences. I’ll also be podcasting live tonight (and every Tues, Thurs and Sat) on DLIVE: 6pm CST. See you there. Thank you for watching and sharing.

Centermatter Note:

We should support good police officers, bad officers such as these need to be removed from service, and held clearly accountable for their actions.

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