Are California progressives using homelessness to take over private hotels?

California’s woke left has chosen now to reveal its ultimate political goals for the future under the Joe Biden administration. In the wake of the homeless crisis plaguing the state, progressives have set themselves on a new warpath. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the state’s existing homeless population significantly — still, unemployment pay, stimulus checks, and rent and eviction freezes have offered some relief. But left-wing activists have taken to Twitter to make #SeizeTheHotels trend.


As the phrase implies, progressives are pushing Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to “commandeer” private hotels to house the city’s homeless population. They mention Biden’s offer to reimburse local and state governments for the cost of purchasing hotel rooms for homeless people to live in during the pandemic. But let’s read between the lines here: Activists advocating for Los Angeles to seize hotels are angling not for just temporary housing but slippery-sloping it to a long-term solution.

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