An excerpt from a book, I am writing, entitled “Rise and Fall: A Discourse Upon the Phenomena of Civilisation and of Decline”, by Silas. This is a small excerpt from the conlcusionary section; this section details the connection between the “year zero” of the revolutions of old and the intrepid concept of “the new normal”; both are thus synonymous. I also provide, somewhat, of a battle-cry for our struggle and the hope that echoes through our cause; and of which pervades our vision of a better future, in contrast to the despots who would attempt to stand atop the pile of ash, that was once our great nations, proclaiming themselves rulers of us all. We will win this struggle and dethrone these usurpers; stay the course!

I will be doing more videos similar in vein to this one, so please do keep tuned and share this, or mirror it on your own channel (just ensure you credit me and link people to my channel and please put, if you could, the title of my book in the description which will be coming out this year, TBA). Spread the word and share this video! Take these lessons to heart and prepare accordingly, as you will it.

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