“Can’t even begin to tell you how depressing of a scene that was,” tweeted Republican strategist Andrew Surabian.

American Airlines admitted on Twitter that a flight attendant bullied an elderly woman to the point where she was crying, for briefly removing her face mask.

Last night, republican strategist Andrew Surabian described a situation on his American Airlines flight in which he witnessed a flight attendant harass an elderly woman for briefly removing her face mask, in a series of tweets.

The elderly woman had supposedly removed her mask for a moment because “she thought she was gonna pass out” when a flight attendant threatened to kick her off the flight. “She’s in tears begging to be allowed to stay on,” tweeted Andrew Surabian.

The elderly woman was apparently traveling to see her 95 year old father who was “on his deathbed” according to Surabian. The flight attendant was supposedly “lecturing her in the rudest most condescending tone you could ever imagine.”

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